Lorenzo Diggins Jr.


Limited Edition Photography Prints - Volume 2

Limited Edition Photography Prints - Volume 2

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When I say there’s no place like home, I really mean it, and home for me is South Los Angeles. In my 28 years of life I’ve witnessed many drastic changes and currently we are in the middle of another huge transition which will inevitably effect the landscape of the city; community staples are literally being replaced with big, yet disconnected corporations and the cost of living is increasing rapidly where the people who once could afford to live in their neighborhoods are now being pushed out. Unfortunately, these type of instances are happening frequently and at an alarming rate. I figured that before the essence of this city is no longer felt or the small nuances that make it special are no longer identifiable, this is my attempt through photography to capture a small time capsule and preserve its taste of soul.

Hopefully through viewing these images that my love and appreciation for the simple things that bring me joy about the place I call home resonates with you in some capacity.

- 17" x 11" 
- Noritsu Print - Edition of 10
- Kodak Endura Premier Matte Paper  
- Signed & individually numbered

- Please allow 2 weeks for framed images
- Professionally framed in Los Angeles

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