Lorenzo Diggins Jr.

#The100DayProject - 2015

#100DaysofRandomObjects - Day 20

I grew up believing that if you talked about your plans before they happened that it would ultimately jinx them to not happening and unfortunately, still to this day, I believe that some times. Of course when I’m in my right mind i know the power of speaking things into existence but for me it’s so much easier to talk about something when you know it’s already in motion.

Long story longer, I have a business partner for another venture and we have been pursuing getting a our own store for a year now exactly. Within the year we’ve come close 3 separate times using 3 separate brokers but for some reason we always fell short when it came to finalizing the deal. Up until now I hadn’t been very vocal about what I was doing because subconciously I didn’t want to “jinx” it from happening but we obviously see that didn’t work lol. So not only am I speaking this store into existence - I’m also taking it a step further and drawing my vision into existence. I’ll reveal the name a later date but I can assure you that WHEN this store happens, it’s going to be legendary.