Lorenzo Diggins Jr.



Voyage LA Magazine Feature

Growing up in South Central LA, I was exposed to a lot of negativity at an early age; thankfully, I had a supportive family and mentors that encouraged me to channel and express myself creatively. Now at 30, it feels good to know that I haven’t looked back since and I can honestly say that I’ve been in pursuit (in some capacity) for almost 20 years.


Dean Collection x Bacardi Rum Room LA Winner

Congratulations to these local photographers from Los Ageneles, who will be showing their artwork at our third Rum Room event, presented by The Dean Collection x Bacardi.


Progress Is A Process Podcast - EP: 5 “Building Community”

Lorenzo Diggins Jr. is an interdisciplinary creative, engaging mediums such as design, brand and product development, art direction, photography, and illustration. In this weeks episode we talk about the power of community, carving out your own lane and how his passion for fashion helped him connect with his purpose.


Society 6 Feature [BHM 2018]

We believe in celebrating this diversity every day, but we’re also thrilled to participate in the observance of Black History Month by sharing stories of outstanding black creatives. Over the next few weeks, get inspired as LA gallerist Maceo Paisley interviews four different artists, makers and community-shapers. First up is multidisciplinary creative Lorenzo Diggins Jr.


Veritas Creative Article - A simple Man

I ordered a green tea in a trendy coffee shop in downtown LA this morning, then sat down to wait for a young designer, whom I would soon be interviewing.  It was a clean, high-ceilinged, minimalist space selling artisanal coffee and situated across the street from Grand Central Market—an appropriate spot to talk about design, art, and the craftsmanship movement in LA. Lorenzo Diggins, Jr.eventually joined me and we talked about his work, his ambitions, and his constant drive to elicit human connection through art. To my surprise, what started as an interview between strangers, ultimately ended up feeling like an easy conversation between colleagues, or even friends.


Richer poorer IG Campaign

Lorenzo Diggins Jr. is an artist who creates awesome things for a living. His real passion has long been and continues to be in helping others bring their creative visions to life. With a raft of experience gained through trial and error artistic entrepreneurialism, Lorenzo now shares his expertise through his company, Colour Bloc Creativ #inmyrp


palmss magazine issue 2 feature

Who are you?
I am Lorenzo. I’m an artist. I’m a creator. I am a leader. A son. I am a man of purpose.
I create from the heart. Whatever the medium is, I always try to do it from a place of integrity. I try to just go off natural instinct. Whether it’s me creating a clothing garment, or me creating artwork, it’s all coming from the same place.


Highsnobiety x Braun Campaign with Uniform Journal

Lorenzo pays attention to details, particularly when it comes to colors, textures and silhouettes. Over everything else, he prefers to feel comfortable in his outfits making his style calm, cool and collected like L.A.’s overall vibe. His facial hair gives him a mature look.


MAma, We made it! Podcast - ep: 16

Lorenzo is your favorite creator's favorite creator.  A classic man, a gentleman, The Essential Man.  As an LA Native, living duel lives in South Central, and Culver City, CA, Lorenzo had a unique perspective that allowed him to see the world differently at a young age.  Someone who was friends with everyone, but didn't really have friends.  Ball is life, or art is life?  When you're constantly being pulled in two directions, how could ever know where you really are? Ask Lorenzo, and he'll tell you he's right here, right now, and it's that simple.  He takes us through his entrepreneurial journey of finding your identity, influencing a community, and building a brand.  This is a story of creating opportunities out of mistakes, and realizing it's the "Simple Things" that truly bring us joy.


My Friends Are Talented: A simple Story

This is a Simple Story about a friend of mine named Lorenzo Diggins. Lorenzo is a creative individual with a unique style and an even better way of making you feel like you’re important. Like what you do is important. Over the past couple of years I’ve spent some time getting to know Lorenzo, and we had this chance to shoot a short film on his process and his new venture called “Simple Things”.



Founder/creative director of the men's lifestyle brand, @thessentialman -Lorenzo Diggins Jr. is also an artist/illustrator based out of Los Angeles. On Friday he launched the first  15X15 artist Incubator program at Clae Concept Store/ Our Favorite Shop.

Issue 7.jpg

Renegade collective Magazine issue 7 [4 page spread]

In a word of complicated design, ever-evolving technology and an infatuation with fashion labels, The Essential Man breaks style down to its roots. Focusing on SIMPLE, well-made pieces Lorenzo Diggins Jr. is revolutionising the rag trade, one gentlemen at a time.




Uniform Journal Feature - TEM Studio Visit

Lorenzo started out as a lifestyle blogger, but over the years moved into designing. The Essential Man line was initially going to be shirting (coming soon!), but launched with men’s accessories instead. His line is very simple and straightforward. I dig the simplicity of it all. The product selection includes everything from hats to ties to pillows. His brand is gradually growing and can be found at many stores in the LA area. You can check it out here.


Apartment therapy feature - TEM SHowroom

What I love most about TEM headquarters is its bright, airy quality and how it's equal parts showroom and working office. The mood board and the bookshelves are packed with ideas and inspiration which are clearly translated into Lorenzo's work (which he has displayed all around.) I look forward to seeing all the incredible things he has whipped up, including his new line of chambrays. As a part of the Unique Space, Lorenzo is surrounded by like-minded LA based artists and makers — a wonderful community and growing support system to keeping local businesses flourishing.


citizens of culture feature - The Thinking man

With the year ending some of us find that a lot of our resolutions from last winter are still unresolved. Others of us, like Lorenzo Diggins, find that we are right on course. What started solely as a men’s lifestyle blog has blossomed into an apparel company and artistic outreach.  The Essential Man is not focused on pumping out hundreds of poorly made products but charting a course that can only lead to lasting success. We talk about what drives him as a consumer and how it influences his design philosophy. Lorenzo is now contributing to the culture he once only documented, the thinking man comes to life, putting plans into action.