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DAY TwentyOne is a newsletter and playlist presented by Lorenzo Diggins Jr. on the 21st day of every month.

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Greetings Everyone!

Hope all is well and that you’re having a prosperous month thus far! You already know why I’m here…it’s the 21st of the month and as promised, I told you I would share the images from my first rolls of developed film…so they are! I shot 2 rolls on 2 separate cameras - 1 roll I made the rookie mistake of not loading the film correctly (and ultimately ended up with a blank roll) but the other roll was complete gold! Check them out for your viewing pleasures below!

1-16-19 JOSHUA TREE-137.jpg

Captured by Nikky Rich


My first official roll of 35mm film was shot on Kodak Ektar 100 and the camera I used was the Canon Sure Shot (Autoboy) 2!

Since I already had a quick trip on calendar to Joshua Tree, I figured it was the perfect place to shoot my first shots! In fact, I actually loaded my cameras in the parking lot of the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Museum which I highly recommend checking out (but make sure you go on a warm day).

Though I was pretty bummed after discovering that the roll from my other camera was devloped blank, it has ultimately inspired me to fully immerse myself into this journey and commit to learning and growing along the way. With that being said, I don’t plan on developing anymore blank rolls which is why I was extra careful with loading my second roll lol. All in all I foresee this being an amazing year of shooting film!

Just like last time and as a token of appreciation, I curated another lil’ playlist compiled of 21 of my current favorite tunes that I invite you to vibe out to! I hope you enjoy and I’ll be checking back in on the 21st of next month. Peace and love.

- Lorenzo

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