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DAY TwentyOne is a newsletter and playlist presented by Lorenzo Diggins Jr. on the 21st day of every month.

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Greetings beautiful people - I hope you all are having a prosperous week thus far! First I want to apologize for being 2 days late with sending this out, I was definitely experiencing technical difficulties 🤦🏾‍♂️. Secondly I want to take the time to welcome all of the new subscribers.

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Greetings beautiful people - I hope you all enjoyed the 1st day of summer. Mine was good but very long and truthfully it almost slipped away from me before sending out this monthly newsletter; in fact, I actually dose off from briefly “resting my eyes” while taking a break from writing it and let’s just say I lost 2 hours in time 🤦🏾‍♂️.

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Greetings beautiful people - it’s that time of the month again and I’m just stopping by for my usual update. Though I was hoping I would have more new images to share with you this month but the fact of the matter is that I experienced a few bumps in the road regarding my equipment. 

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Greetings beautiful people and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! It’s that time of the month again and I’m just stopping by for my usual update. Last weekend I participated in a 3 day art book fair and I had a lot of new people sign up for this newsletter, so I first want to welcome you all…

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Since I dedicated my 1st few rolls of film to acclimating myself to this new process, I didn’t really put to much thought into what I was shooting but by my 4th roll I was ready to carry out an idea; I figured why not start with some portraits - so I reached out to a few friends and below were the results. 

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It’s the 21st of the month and as promised, I told you I would share the images from my first rolls of developed film…so they are! I shot 2 rolls on 2 separate cameras - 1 roll I made the rookie mistake of not loading the film correctly (and ultimately ended up with a blank roll) but the other roll was complete gold! Check them out for your viewing pleasures below!

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Can’t believe we’re already 21 days into the new year; I hope you all are starting off with a prosperous 2019! Though this year I didn’t set any resolutions, I do have a several things on my list I intend to do, and one thing was starting a monthly newsletter - so here’s the first of twelve which I plan to send out on the 21st of every month!

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