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Day TwentyOne Newsletter/Playlists

DAY TwentyOne is a newsletter and playlist presented by Lorenzo Diggins Jr. on the 21st day of every month.

5 or 12

Greetings beautiful people - it’s that time of the month again and I’m just stopping by for my usual update. Though I was hoping I would have more new images to share with you this month but the fact of the matter is that I experienced a few bumps in the road regarding my equipment. 


Starting with last month while doing what I considered to be my best impression of Jessie Owens but instead of running on a track I was running in the airport trying to reach my boarding gate before it closed; the good news is that I made my flight, the bad news is that I dropped my camera along the way, the good news is that my camera didn’t break, the bad news is that the camera door opened and exposed the roll of film. Simply put, because the roll of film was exposed to light (when opened prematurely) - the images I had already captured were now damaged. I was devastated because I really had felt that the images I captured were going to be my best images to date lol.

As if the first bump wasn’t bad enough, I experienced the second bump later that day while I at my friend Sydnee’s wedding in Atlanta (sidebar: Happy 1 Month Wedding Anniversary Syd!) when I briefly placed my other camera on a chair at the reception but somehow I got distracted and ultimately forgot that it was there when I accidentally knocked it on the ground SMH. At that moment - I immediately grabbed it off the ground as if I could apply the “5 second rule” to saving the camera from the impact of the fall…long story short, IT DIDN”T and that new roll of film was damaged too! 

With that being said, I’ll have some new images in my next newsletter - but for now, please enjoy some of the black and white images I captured last month and before. 

All images captured on Kodak Tri-X 400 Black & White Film

Here are a few of my favorite shots I captured of people.

Just like the other times, as a token of appreciation, I also curated another lil’ playlist compiled of 21 of my current favorite tunes that I invite you to vibe out to! I hope you enjoy and I’ll be checking back in on the 21st of next month. Peace and love. 

- Lorenzo